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This why your help really matters

Sara began her journey of recovery in 2016, after finding herself homeless, on the street, and no longer welcome at her familiy or friends' homes. She was bright, beautiful, and on her way to graduating from college, when her substance use became impossible to control any longer.

What had started in middle school with partying and having fun had become a living hell. She would have never imagined that she could become a person who would lie, steal from those she loved, and live the life shes was living. She had lost herself.

Sara felt hopeless and alone with nowhere to turn. Sara knew she just could not go on any more. That was the day that Sara walked into PRCC. She was immediately greeted by a volunteer who welcomed her with love and without any judgement. The volunteer was in recovery herself and understood like nobody else could - how Sara felt and how to begin a journey to a new life. She knew that it was possible for Sara to recover and to find herself again.

Our staff and volunteers helped Sara find a safe place to live, a job, and connect with a community of recovering people. It wasn't easy for Sara, but she didn't give up. Today, Sara is doing well, free from drugs and alcohol, about to graduate college, and spending the holidays with her family. Sara's story is not unique. Everyday we are helping hundreds of people. And today, Sara volunteers at the front desk. She is the welcoming face that greets new people.